under the pyramids

Valhalla Rising

Kare: We are more than flesh and blood. More than revenge.

- Nicolas Winding Refn - Valhalla Rising -

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La Chair et le Sang

Steven: What are you doing in this filthy place? Are you looking for something?
Agnes: I read a book in the convent library, about love and black magic. There was a passage I found fascinating.
Steven: What was it about?
Agnes: A magic root. Mandrake. It grows in a place like this. If a man and a woman eat of it, they will love each other forever.
Steven: Did it also say why you have to dig in this particular spot?
Agnes: The nuns inked out that passage very carefully.
Steven: When a man is hanged, he comes and his semen spills to the ground. That’s where your mandrake sprouts.
Agnes: Explains why the passage was inked out.

- Paul VerhoevenFlesh+Blood -

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The Dream in the Witch House

Mazurewicz came home at six o’clock and said people at the mill were whispering that the Walpurgis-revels would be held in the dark ravine beyond Meadow Hill where the old white stone stands in a place queerly void of all plant-life.

- H.P. Lovecraft - The Dream in the Witch House -

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Casino Royale

Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil,
Going with the flow, it’s all a game to me,
Seven or Eleven, snake eyes watching you,
Double up or quit, double stakes or split,
The Ace Of Spades / The Ace Of Spades

- Motörhead – The Ace of Spades -

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La Chambre Bleue

When I awoke, I was alone, in a small, simple room [...] walls covered with printed Jouy cottons [...] Alas ! I was not long to realise that I had not dreamed! I was trapped and I could not leave my room [...] I saw on my dresser a note in red ink …

- Gaston LerouxFantom of the Opera -

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Les désenchantées

In the afternoon they brought me silk blouses, lace, fans, jewellery. Then, I asked to be left alone in my room. I simply wanted to try to see clearly within myself.

- Pierre Loti - Les désenchantées -

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Celadon refers to both a colour and a type of glaze typical to China (Chinese: qingci青瓷, literally « green porcelain ») and the Far East. This green or translucent blue-gray glaze is especially popular in Asia, as it replicates the color of jade, the sacred stone.

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Aether & Dark Matter

Aether & Dark Matter is a video directed by Stephanie Luu featuring under the pyramids jewels on a music created by Gwendolinoleum. Alchemy of Symbols and Colours. Aether and Dark Matter.

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Mon pays, c’est l’hiver

My Country it is not a country, it’s Winter
My Garden it is not a garden, it’s the Plain
My Path it is not a path, it is the Snow
My Country it is not a country, it’s Winter

- Gilles Vigneault - Mon Pays, c’est l’Hiver -

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Umibe no Onnanoko

This town had a small beach that doesn’t get much traffic, even in summer, and I used to enjoy walking along it, looking for stuff. Burn-out fireworks, seaweed, a child’s hat blown off by the wind… I hardly ever found what I was looking for, but maybe I never really expected to find anything in the first place.

Inio Asano - The Girl by the Sea

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