under the pyramids

Casino Royale

Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil,
Going with the flow, it’s all a game to me,
Seven or Eleven, snake eyes watching you,
Double up or quit, double stakes or split,
The Ace Of Spades / The Ace Of Spades

- Motörhead – The Ace of Spades -

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La Chambre Bleue

When I awoke, I was alone, in a small, simple room [...] walls covered with printed Jouy cottons [...] Alas ! I was not long to realise that I had not dreamed! I was trapped and I could not leave my room [...] I saw on my dresser a note in red ink …

- Gaston LerouxFantom of the Opera -

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Les désenchantées

In the afternoon they brought me silk blouses, lace, fans, jewellery. Then, I asked to be left alone in my room. I simply wanted to try to see clearly within myself.

- Pierre Loti - Les désenchantées -

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Celadon refers to both a colour and a type of glaze typical to China (Chinese: qingci青瓷, literally « green porcelain ») and the Far East. This green or translucent blue-gray glaze is especially popular in Asia, as it replicates the color of jade, the sacred stone.

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Aether & Dark Matter

Aether & Dark Matter is a video directed by Stephanie Luu featuring under the pyramids jewels on a music created by Gwendolinoleum. Alchemy of Symbols and Colours. Aether and Dark Matter.

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Mon pays, c’est l’hiver

My Country it is not a country, it’s Winter
My Garden it is not a garden, it’s the Plain
My Path it is not a path, it is the Snow
My Country it is not a country, it’s Winter

- Gilles Vigneault - Mon Pays, c’est l’Hiver -

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Umibe no Onnanoko

This town had a small beach that doesn’t get much traffic, even in summer, and I used to enjoy walking along it, looking for stuff. Burn-out fireworks, seaweed, a child’s hat blown off by the wind… I hardly ever found what I was looking for, but maybe I never really expected to find anything in the first place.

Inio Asano - The Girl by the Sea

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Balance & New Horizons

May you reach balance & new horizons in MMXV

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New Blood II

Just a little post to share a few of the new things I’ve created these past months. Some of them were imagined as special gifts for some very special friends, some were custom orders. But most of them will find their way to the shop in january. And some will be with me at my upcoming Pop-Up Sales.

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Marchés Noirs

Mark your diaries! With Hexmas just around the corner, I will be offering my creations at several « pop-up stores ». Two in Paris and one in Nyons (26).

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