Je vois de la lumière noire

This is the battle between day and night… I see black light.

– Victor Hugo’s last words

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À la Lune

The moon pours to the heart its white intimacy
Of a vaporous dream where passes a beauty,
And in the hollow paths where the freshness exhales
Adds to the puddles some opal-coloured pools.

– Albert Lozeau – To the Moon –

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Pangur Bán

Each of us pursues his trade,
I and Pangur my comrade,
His whole fancy on the hunt,
And mine for learning ardent.

– VIIIth century anonymous Irish Monk (translation Frank O’Connor) –

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In Flesh & Blood

The angels sing in a choir of sleep that won’t quiet the Beast within
It’s Midnight in the tower of black, it’s 3am and the witches are back again
In the castle of the dead you can’t hear a word that’s said
Is it all inside my head, is it even real?
In the castle of the dead

– King Dude – The Castle –

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New Blood VIII

These New Blood posts have became a tradition. A simple post to share the latest creations.

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Pulvis et umbra sumus

Pulvis et umbra sumus (We are but dust and shadow)
– Horace – Book IV, ode VI, v. 16

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Petroglyphs III

Heiðrún, the goat on the hall that stands,
eateth off Læráth’s limbs;
the crocks she fills
with clearest mead,
will that drink not e’er be drained.

Grímnismál 25

under the pyramids - petroglyphs III

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Petroglyphs II

On the Ash Tree Yggdrasil […]
Harts there are also four,
Which from its summit,
Arch-necked, gnaw.
Dâin and Dvalin,
Duneyr and Durathrôr.

Grímnismál 33

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Fleur de Poussière

The threshold to the seance parlour has not been crossed for many moons. The air is intoxicating, filled with the scent of a myriad of fainted roses, rich draperies staggered by the dust of time and the resinous memory of incense long gone. Reminding you of times that you could not possibly have known and, yet, awakening the feeling of home.

Another time, another place. But home.

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Your ever true

Dearest, deeply loved Victoria,

According to your wish, and by the urging of my heart to talk to you and open my heart to you, I send these lines […] I need not tell you that since we left, all my thoughts have been with you at Windsor, and that your image fills my whole soul. Even in my dreams I never imagined that I should find so much love on earth. How that moment shines for me when I was close to you, but with your hand in mine! […]

With promises of unchanging love and devotion, your ever true Albert.

– Letter from Prince Albert to Queen Victoria (translated from German) – 15 November 1839 –

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