under the pyramids pieces are designed and carefully hand-crafted by me, Mathyld, in my Parisian atelier, close to the Canal Saint-Martin.

I work with sustainable and predominantly locally recycled sterling silver.
My jewels are all unique and have their very own shape and character, each slightly different from the other.
They are quenched in my own moon-water in order to amplify the protective properties of Silver.

I am the sole person behind everything under the pyramids:
✵ I create all the jewels but also the magick tools & artefacts offered in the shop,
✵ hand-write the “thank-you” cards & envelopes and pack the orders,
✵ walk to the Post-Office and to my suppliers, as they are almost all local.
And if I could deliver each piece myself, believe me, I would! Because shipping is definitely the most stressful part of the whole experience,
✵ take all the product photos (as all pieces are unique, I take photos of every single one I craft),
✵ write and answer all the e-mails & messages,
✵ I also created and run this website.
You know what it is ; one-witch business / freelance artisan.

Thank you for being here!

– Montage made with two film photographs taken by Caroll Nox Atra –

– Montage made with two film photographs taken by Caroll Nox Atra

under the pyramis by Gwendolinoleum

– Between Gorse & Ivy. Photo by Gwendolinoleum

Bonjour. My name is Mathyld.
I am half French, half Québecker (part native – Abenaki, Mi’Kmaq, Montagnais / Innu & Maliseet). I grew up in a village in Provence, South of France, but have been living in Paris for almost 30 years.
I spend my days surrounded by my husband, familiars and plants – as well as many antiques – in a flat we call Castel Pyramids.

I draw inspiration in lost civilisations and times immemorial. Mist and forests, the ocean and the moon, ruins and megaliths. Magick and Witchcraft, Folk-lore and Legends. Ancient alphabets and symbols. And the writings and arts of the XIXth Century.