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▴ C O L L A B O R A T I O N S with King Dude with Ampelopsis photo with Aryhadnë with Ellen Rogers with Caroll Planque / Nox Atra with Helena Aguilar Mayans with Maria-José Garcia with Pauline Darley with Printhaus with Romain le Cam with Sofia Ajram with Vivienne Mok ▴

Half Moon

For the Half Moon / Petit Clown serie featuring Gaelle Mancina, Pauline Darley and her crew spent a day in our flat. On this image, Pauline used several Talismans. And all the images were shot in our building’s lobby or in our flat!

The girl with the braided hair

I will soon share several new photoshoots but, until then, here are some images by fashion photographer Pauline Darley, featuring Solweig Rediger Lizlow and her Manaz Runic Amulet. Thanks girls!

Pyramids Poetry II

Mark your diaries : a new initiatic night under the sign of the triangle Thursday May, 26 Pyramids Poetry II >>> nocturnal event, with Pagan Poetry & Pauline Darley <<<

Peacocks & Lilies

Remember that the most beautiful things in the world are the most useless ; peacocks and lilies for instance – John Ruskin – Stones of Venice I –

Talking about my Pyramids

This is the English translation of the interview I did for Etsy France. The French version can be found here. Featured seller : under the pyramids

Desecrating our Sanctuaries

If you show me Heaven I will meet you there How it breaks their hearts / That we’ve made an art Of desecrating our Santuaries – Blaqk Audio – Stiff Kittens –

Your colour, I wish

It’s not the red of which we bleed / The red of cabernet sauvignon A world of ruby all in vain / It’s not that red … It is as black as Malevitch’s square / It is a starless winternight’s tale It suits you well / It is that black … I wish this would […]

Mélodie en Sous-Sol

He borrowed somebody’s best suit to get married in, and never told me about it. – F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby –

Under the Sign of the Triangle

And, behind this monster face, far away in the rear, on the top of those undefined and gently undulating sandhills, three apocalyptic signs rise up against the sky, those rose-coloured triangles, regular as the figures of geometry, but so vast in the distance that they inspire you with fear […] Even had we not known, […]

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