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▴ C O L L A B O R A T I O N S with King Dude with Ampelopsis photo with Aryhadnë with Ellen Rogers with Caroll Planque / Nox Atra with Helena Aguilar Mayans with Maria-José Garcia with Pauline Darley with Romain le Cam with Sofia Ajram with Vivienne Mok ▴

You’d speak my name in tongues

You’d speak my name in tongues, you’d holler out in spades Oh, how I wish you could love me again Into the darkness my baby flies, Into the darkness I say goodbye – Kind Dude – Black Butterfly –

I don’t want to run to no Hills

I don’t want to run to no hills I can’t seem to summon of the will To recall how to administer the sign I’ve built – without you – King Dude – Silver Crucifix –

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