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New Blood XI

Another New Blood post to share the latest creations.

Dur Écu, Glanis & Cabre d’Or

While William the Conqueror was fighting the Bretons, an enemy aimed his axe at his head. One of William’s companions saved him by interposing his shield between the axe & William’s head. The axe landed into the the shield, which did not yield. William was saved! This shield was then celebrated and the name DUR […]


Allfather * took Night, and Day his son, and gave to them two horses and two chariots, and sent them up into the heavens, to ride round about the earth every two half-days. Night rides before with the horse named Frosty-Mane, […] The horse that Day has is called Sheen-Mane, and he illumines all the […]


I finally opened a new e-boutique!You can discover it here, or by clicking the image below. J’ai finalement ouvert ma nouvelle boutique en ligne !Vous pouvez la découvrir ici ou en cliquant sur l’image ci-dessus.

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