Tag: Suède

Her Road was lost in the Woods

First we learned to follow the woman’s footsteps, her road was lost in the woods. Then we heard the reeds before the wind reached us. At last we saw the radiance from the sky, interpreted that light that comes out of darkness and smiling dies Bo Carpelan – Old woman and road –

The Queen’s Diadem

Tintomara [in “The Queen’s Diadem”] symbolizes the transcendence of the human soul by what Almqvist referred to as the “celestial animal” soul, a soul that moves in graceful accord with the rythm of nature and is indifferent to considerations of conventions and morality – Albert Borowitz – Blood & Ink: An International Guide to Fact-based […]

The Ynglinga Saga

For men of consequence a mound should be raised to their memory, and for all other warriors who had been distinguished for manhood a standing stone, a custom that remained long after Odin’s time. – Ynglinga saga –

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