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Les Champs léthargiques II

La foule des vivants rit et suit sa folie, Tantôt pour son plaisir, tantôt pour son tourment ; Mais par les morts muets, par les morts qu’on oublie, Moi, rêveur, je me sens regardé fixement. […] Moi, c’est là que je vis ! — cueillant les roses blanches, Consolant les tombeaux délaissés trop longtemps, Je […]

Sator Magic Square

S   A   T   O   R A   R   E   P   O T   E   N   E   T O   P   E   R   A R   O   T   A   S This palindrom was first discovered on the floor of a […]

New Blood II

Just a little post to share a few of the new things I’ve created these past months. Some of them were imagined as special gifts for some very special friends, some were custom orders. But most of them will find their way to the shop in january. And some will be with me at my […]

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