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To create the illusion of a corpse floating into the river, for his painting Ophelia, John Everett Millais had his model, Elizabeth Siddal, posing in a bathtub full of water. Millais painted daily into the winter putting lamps under the tub to warm the water. On one occasion the lamps went out and the water […]

La Chair et le Sang

Steven: What are you doing in this filthy place? Are you looking for something? Agnes: I read a book in the convent library, about love and black magic. There was a passage I found fascinating. Steven: What was it about? Agnes: A magic root. Mandrake. It grows in a place like this. If a man […]

Telle que tu naquis dans la lumière hellène

Just the way you were born in the Hellenic light You stir up the sea, you make the primrose blush, The spinning universe ennivrers at your breath And the womb of a child shelters you entirely. – Pierre Louÿs – Aphrodite –

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