Tag: King Dude

In Flesh & Blood

The angels sing in a choir of sleep that won’t quiet the Beast within It’s Midnight in the tower of black, it’s 3am and the witches are back again In the castle of the dead you can’t hear a word that’s said Is it all inside my head, is it even real? In the castle […]

You’d speak my name in tongues

You’d speak my name in tongues, you’d holler out in spades Oh, how I wish you could love me again Into the darkness my baby flies, Into the darkness I say goodbye – Kind Dude – Black Butterfly –

I don’t want to run to no Hills

I don’t want to run to no hills I can’t seem to summon of the will To recall how to administer the sign I’ve built – without you – King Dude – Silver Crucifix –

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