Tag: Isaure Anska

Mon âme est la forêt

My soul is the forest of which the dark foliage Is flooded, for you alone, with suave murmurs And golden rays! – Victor Hugo – Lorsque l’enfant paraît –

Le pâle Hortensia

Myrtho, enchantress, goddess, on my mind! Lofty Posillipo, that teemed with light; Your brow, awash with eastern splendour bright, Your golden tresses with black grapes entwined! In your cup, too, I drank down ecstasy, And in your laughing eyes’ elusive flare, That saw me at Iacchus’ feet, in prayer. The Muse has made a true-born […]


Hidden Runes shalt thou seek and interpreted signs, Many symbols of might and power, By the great Singer painted, by the high Powers fashioned, Graved by the Utterer of gods. – Håvamål – Odin’s Quest, extract – The Norsemen believed the runes were created by the Gods and given to men through Odin. Odin’s Quest […]

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