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The one that never thought of me

“What business had I to think of one that never thought of me?” – Anne Brontë – Agnes Grey –

New Blood II

Just a little post to share a few of the new things I’ve created these past months. Some of them were imagined as special gifts for some very special friends, some were custom orders. But most of them will find their way to the shop in january. And some will be with me at my […]

A Faded Picture

Oh, I want to go back / To my happy place That disappeared from view / Such a long, long time ago It’s a faded picture / Hanging on my wall It’s a faded picture / Isn’t there at all It’s only there / When I close my eyes – The Seeds –

The three Sisters

I want to make a confession, dear sisters. My soul is in pain. I will confess to you, and never again to anybody… I’ll tell you this minute. [Softly] It’s my secret but you must know everything… I can’t be silent… – Anton Checkhov – The three Sisters –

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