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New Blood XI

Another New Blood post to share the latest creations.


In Norse mythology, a Vǫrðr (Vordr) is a warden spirit, believed to follow from birth to death the soul (Hugr) of every person. They are the force, the energy that keeps things alive.

The girl with the braided hair

I will soon share several new photoshoots but, until then, here are some images by fashion photographer Pauline Darley, featuring Solweig Rediger Lizlow and her Manaz Runic Amulet. Thanks girls!

The Death of Baldr

They launched the burning ship! It floated far away – over the misty sea, Till like the sun it seemed, sinking beneath the waves. Baldr returned no more! Henry Wadsworth Longfellow – Tegner’s Drapa Here they are. Finally. The Runic Amulets I’ve been talking about. My very first experiment to silversmithing. Inspired by runestones, menhirs, […]

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