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The power of thy Sword

The clash of honor calls / I will stand when others fall Open magic doors / They will know the power of my sword The clash of honor calls to stand when others fall Gods of war feel the power of my sword – Manowar – The Power of thy Sword –

Earth, air, fire, water (a new wholeness)

Bonnie : The almanach says today will bring an arrival or something. A new wholeness and, with it, a new balance : earth, air, fire, water … Maybe it’s our fourth. – The Craft –

Swords of the new Church

A tie has never represented a uniform. Rather, it symbolizes freedom […] When I was a child, no accessory seemed more romantic than a ribbon, and none more provocative than a tie. – Patti Smith –

The Sword & the Triangle

Neckties are pointless and uncomfortable and they are despised by all but the most inveterate masochists – Eoin O’Carroll from Christian Science Monitor – … ha !

Your colour, I wish

It’s not the red of which we bleed / The red of cabernet sauvignon A world of ruby all in vain / It’s not that red … It is as black as Malevitch’s square / It is a starless winternight’s tale It suits you well / It is that black … I wish this would […]

Mélodie en Sous-Sol

He borrowed somebody’s best suit to get married in, and never told me about it. – F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby –

Crystal Points

For a stone, when it is examined, will be found a mountain in miniature. The fineness of Nature’s work is so great, that, into a single block, a foot or two in diameter, she can compress as many changes of form and structure, on a small scale, as she needs for her mountains on a […]

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